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Italian volleyball powerhouse “Modena Volley” teams up with SLC Management

With the implementation of the Club-Information-System CIS©, Modena Volley is now another top club that decides to rely on the expertise of SLC Management GmbH and a deep fan involvement for future strategic decisions. SLC Management is pleased to support Modena Volley in its next professionalization step and to make its contribution to the further development of professional sports in Italy.

With the signing of the partnership, SLC Management has succeeded in further expanding its international competence in consulting and supporting clubs of all sports. Through its presence in Europe and Asia, especially in Japan and China with corresponding top clients, SLC Management is already established as a strong partner and bridge builder for clubs in the context of interna-tionalization in the sports market.

Within the scope of SLC Management's management information systems, partners and customers benefit from target group and topic-specific data and insights with an integrated consulting approach - at the time and to the extent needed for planning, managing and controlling actions or investments.

Andrea Sartoretti, General Manager @ Modena Volley:

"SLC Management is a German consulting agency of great profile. Practically it will be an analysis of processes with involvement of our fans to strategise our decisions within the club. There will be many topics to constantly improve the experience of our fans."

Prof. Dr. Alfons Madeja, Chairman @ SLC Management:

"Modena Volley has already presented itself as an innovative and creative club in the past. That this positioning has substance is shown at the latest by the decision to take the next step with our sup-port. I hope to have the opportunity to watch a Modena Volley match live at the PalaPanini very soon."

Maximilian Madeja, Managing Director @ SLC Management:

"Modena Volley is one of the flagships of international Volleyball - far beyond the Italian borders. It makes me correspondingly proud that we can contribute to the further development of the club's strategic and operative orientation with our customized solutions."

About Modena Volley

Modena Volley is not just a Sport Club. We are a Volleyball Team. Our sport is very different from those on which the limelight is laid. Volleyball is a sport where the team as a whole counts more than the individual players. It’s a sport where nobody can spike if there isn’t someone who lifts the ball, and nobody can lift it without someone who digs it. Nobody can stop the ball. Together, we are a team. A team made by some of the best players in the world. Together. In the very 9 by 9 square where we all must play as one. The square where we all win or lose, We stand up for sport values and social responsibility. We stand up for sportsmanship and respect because our sport should be kept clean. We support innovation, because the future of our sport must pass through renewal and change. We are Modena. Our city had written and keeps writing thrilling pages within volleyball history and our honors and achievements titles are there to prove it. This city has a team. That's us.

About SLC Management

SLC Management GmbH Germany (SLC) has been supporting stakeholders of all kinds within the sports industry for many years. True to the credo fact-based instead of gut feeling, the consulting services are based on data and its targeted and professional evaluation and interpretation. With the patented Management-Information-Systems, SLC provides its partners with individual fact- and data-based consulting which enable the management to gain insights into the opinions, wishes and ideas of their target group for a perfect fan experience and a sustainable club devel-opment. Users of the Management Information Systems include international pioneers such as FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, as well as a large number of top clubs and Bundesliga teams from other sports.

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Jens Jaschinski

Director Consultancy

E-Mail: jaschinski@slc-ag.com

Fon: +49 (0) 911 - 54 81 830

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